Workshop di Paleografia Digitale

Although not strictly related to eScripta, readers of this blog may still be interested to learn of a series of practical and theoretical workshops I will be giving in April 2019 on paleografia digitale at the Università degli Studi di Firenze, Dipartimento SAGAS. The workshops will be held in Italian, and the deadline for registration is 5 April. Details are in the programme below (click on the image to download the PDF).


Programme for the workshop in paleografia digitale (click on image for PDF version)

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Peter A. Stokes

Peter Stokes is directeur d'études en humanités numériques et computationnelles appliquées à l’étude de l’écrit ancien (approximately 'research professor in digital and computational humanities applied to historical writing') at the École Pratique des Hautes Études – Université PSL, Section des Sciences Historiques et Philologiques, in Laboratoire Archéologie et Philologie d’Orient et d’Occident (AOROC, UMR 8546). His current primary research focus is on multigraphism (the use of different scripts or writing-systems), particularly in medieval Europe, combining the fields of palaeography, digital humanities and informatics.

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